Semen collection and Processing (Sheep)

Semen collection of sheep is conducted at our purpose built ram shed located approximately 20kms south of Keith, SA. Our facilities are of a high standard which is safe and secure. The ram shed is also fitted with an air conditioner for optimum comfort and working conditions. During their stay, rams are constantly monitored and are fed a high quality, specially prepared diet twice a day. Semen is collected from high genetic value sires and is processed into straws or pellets which are frozen in liquid nitrogen ready for use. Arrangements can also be made for exporting semen upon consultation.

Artificial Insemination (Sheep)

Brecon Breeders offer artificial insemination services for any size operations, whether you have 10 or 1000 ewes to AI. Selected females are inseminated with frozen or fresh semen in conjunction with oestrus synchronisation programs. Brecon Breeders has a wide range of experience with artificial insemination of sheep, and can tailor a program to suit your requirements. We can also supply all necessary drugs and equipment that you will need for this program, as well as a detailed timeline of events to assist you through the procedure.

MOET, Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer

Genetically superior females are treated with hormones and then inseminated to produce multiple embryos, which are collected and evaluated. The embryos can then be transferred into recipient females or frozen for transport or storage and subsequent transfer. Brecon Breeders' extensive experience in this field optimises the likelihood of success. ET programs for sheep can be conducted either on your farm or at our purpose built facilities at Brecon Breeders headquarters located south of Keith, SA.

Embryo Freezing

Selected livestock embryos can now be frozen for implantation at a convenient time for synchronised births. Improving technology has meant increasing success rates through this process.

Quarantine Centre

A licensed quarantine centre is established at Brecon Breeders' home property, allowing stock to be health tested to comply with various government licensing requirements, enabling embryo and semen exports for sheep.